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How to use Canadian Dating Sites:

The first thing to remember is that the information you give the dating website such as your address, and phone number is never available to other profiles. This is for billing purposes only. We recommend you do not post this information in your profile for privacy and safety reasons.

While online dating is as safe as meeting people the traditional way, you should never give out your personal information in your first communication. Try to get to know the person and if you can try to arrange a meeting in a public location. Once you feel more confident in that person than feel free to disclose your phone number and address.

How you pay is different based on the dating website. Lavalife you buy a number of credits and each time you chat or contact someone you use up a credit. (but it's always free to respond.)

Meanwhile Match Maker and Eharmony you pay a set fee for 1 month, 3 months, or more of service depending on what you first agreed to pay when you signed up. You can then contact as many people as you want. Both options are good, choose who you sign up with depending on how many people you plan on contacting.

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